Purim how to

The happiest day of the Jewish year is here. 

Purim is the day in which we celebrate the hidden spark of the divine in every part of the mundane.

A day in which we celebrate our miraculous salvation with G-d’s hidden hand through joy, great food, and giving to others.



  • Hear the Megillah on Purim eve + day:

Join us on 3/6 for High Energy Purim, and sign up ➡️ to join us for Purim Masquerade Feast on 3/7.

  • Exchange gifts of food:

Purim is a time to share the love and joy with friends and family. Gift at least 2 people a package of 2 different foods for a great Purim pick me up.

  • Charity to those in need:

Our joy is only complete when we know that our entire global Jewish family is well taken care of for their Purim needs.

Click here to donate to Chabad’s Ukraine Relief Fund, directly helping tens of thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing the war.

(It’s ideal to give this charity on Purim day)

  • Hosting or attending a Purim feast:

Let’s be real. You totally saw this coming. No Jewish holiday is complete without a great excuse to eat with friends and family. Take the time (on Purim day) to break bread with your nearest and dearest.

Can’t make the morning Megillah reading but don’t wanna miss out?

Email Rabbi Mendy and he will do his best to swing by for a drive-by reading during Purim day!

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