ConnecTen - Week 2

People of the Book

Mitzvah Action: Buy a Book

With all the time you’re spending at home, have you considered some décor changes? 

Whether it’s a clock, plant or …. What we choose to decorate our living spaces with, sets the tone and mood of our environment.Get your home to feel more Jewish, simply buy a new Jewish book (and put it on a shelf).To quote the great poet and thinker, Rabbi Juda Halevi: “my library is my garden and my orchard”. With the purchase of a few Jewish books, you can transform and elevate your home. Their presence alone will permeate the entire home.Buying books is a great investment; it is the only home furniture that ages gracefully upon its continued use.

And it makes you look smart too.


Book Lists

Torah Basic

Chumash -

Tehillim/Psalms -

Tanya -

Siddur -

Tanach -


Chassidus, Mysticism: 

Tanya -

Chassidic Heritage Series -

Overcoming Folly -

Creation and Redemption - 

Hayom Yom -

Daily Wisdom -

Bringing Heaven Down to Earth -

Chassidic Perspectives -

Endless Light - David Aaron

God, Rationality, and Mysticism, Irving Block  - 

Halacha/Law, How To: 

Kitzur Shulchan Aruch

39 Melachos Shabbos -

Our Heritage, Kitov -



Haggadah -

A guide to Jewish prayer, Steinsaltz -

To Pray as a Jew - Prayer -


Jewish Philosophy/Ethics, Jewish Living:

Positivity Bias, Mendel Kalmenson -

Toward a Meaningful Life, Simon Jacobson -

Seeds of Wisdom, Mendel Kalmenson -

Pirkei Avos -

Jewish Meditation, Aryeh Kaplan -

This is my G-d, Herman Wouk -

In the Beginning, Steinsaltz -

A Letter in the Scroll, Sacks -

The Gift of Rest, Joe Lieberman - 

To be a Jew, Donin -

To Raise a Jewish Child, Donin -



Start with Brachos vol 1

Koren Steinzaltz -

The Reference Guide to the Talmud - 

The Essential Talmud: An Introduction, Steinsaltz -

The Oral Law, Haim Schimmel -

Maimonides Introduction to the Talmud - 

Stories and History:

Rebbe, Joseph Telushkin - Story -

Chassidic Tales Festivals

Dear Rebbe, Zaklikowski -

The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Memoirs -



The Joy of Intimacy - Rabbi Manis Freidman

Words to Hear with Your Heart - Karmely

The Edifice - Dovid Zaklikofsky

Total  Immersion -

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