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Let's Get a Menorah in Every Home and Love in Every Heart

The lonliness and isolation of these times demand our increased light. Let's get a Menorah into Every Home and Love in Every Heart.

There are many young Jewish adults in Austin who would appreciate a Menorah, candles and dreidel. A little Chanukah spirit of light and  happiness to bring us all together even while distant in the many homes. 

How to get involved:

  • Think of your friends and acquaintances that are Jewish. Think barista, person from yoga, neighbor down the street, co-worker, all of them can get a menorah. You will become their Menorah Hub. This means you pick up menorahs from YJP and bring them home. You then reach out to these Jewish people and arrange to either have them pick up from you, or to drop the menorah by them. Let us know how many here: 
  • Alternatively - We have a very short list of people who need a menorah delivered to their homes. Let us know that you can deliver.
  • Lastly, if you would like to sponsor a menorah you can do so for $3 a menorah and be happy in knowing that your gift will make another person in the community very happy this Chanukah. Sponsor here. 

Chanukah Itself:

Each night of Chanukah we will be lighting the Menorah together as a community. (Themes for each night coming soon). Use the link below to find the Zoom room for the communal lightings.

Communal Zoom Menorah Lightings


Remember: The instructions for lighting are on the boxes. While we would love to have everyone join the Zooms, feel free to light privately or at a different time. 

What is Menorah?

The menorah lighting on Chanukah was instituted as a publicity strategy: advertising to the entire world that G‑d makes miracles for those who stand up for truth and justice.

Every Jewish person lights the Menorah each night of Chanukah, celebrating the miracle of the Jewish people, bringing light into the darkness.

More information on Chanukah (much, much, more)

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