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Regular offerings: 


Hi there!

Let me make it a little easier to know when there will be events. 

There are 2 monthly social events - First Friday Shabbat Dinner and Third Thursday Happy Hour.

Shabbat Dinner has a fee, is capped at 100 people and is a full 3 course dinner.  Happy Hour is free, has no max capacity and moves around each month to a new location.

There is at least one event, sometimes more, for each Jewish holiday

Weekly Study and discussion on Jewish wisdom and Torah, usually on Tuesday. We call it CYP Academy and sometimes it a series organized around one topic, sometimes its just a stand-alone class. There is usually nosh and drinks, wine or something.

On Shabbat morning there are services, followed by a spirited discussion on Jewish wisdom. 

Sunday we have a short service followed by breakfast.

There are sub-groups that gather monthly, Mensch Club for the guys, and New Moon Circle for, you guessed it, the ladies, and One Dor Over for singles over 35 years old.

There you have it! 

I included a list below becuase it might still be alot to absorbe, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email rabbimendy (at) yjpaustin.org.


 First Fridays Shabbat Dinner on the first Friday night on the month 


Happy Hour every third Thursday of the month 


New Moon Circle - monthly



 YJCouples - monthly    



 YJP Business



YJP Volunteer   



  • One Dor Over - for singles 35-45 years old 


Look for these major events as they occur year round:


  • Summer White Party

  • New Years Rosh Hashana Dinner

  • High Holidays Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in Downtown

  • Sukkah Happy Hour

  • Chanukah Party 

  • Texas Menorah by State Capitol

  • Purim Costume Party - March 

  • Passover Seder Under the Stars

  • Lag Baomer Bonfire and BBQ

  • Shavuot Dairy Brunch and Ten Commandments

  • Speaker Evenings


Affilate groups:

  • JKK - Jewish Komedy Kollective


To receive information on these events sign up for our email list at sendfox.com/yjpaustin

Check out current event listings on the Events Page.

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